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11:00 AM
Multi-Billion Dollar

"There Are Many Other Examples.In The Field Of Weightloss, The Diet-in-a Can Phenomenon began In network Marketing.Network Marketing pioneered Environmentally-safe Packaging,and "Natural,”Products free Of preservativers and artificial Ingredients.Network marketing Has been Intrumenttal in Raising The Public awarenews on all of hese innovations Long Before it Was fashionable.The Small in-home Water Filtration Business exploded into a Multi-Billion Dollar industry as a result Of Network Marketing Companies”(Page No.51-52)
Writer :John Kalench

MLM is a sub branch of direct marketing. MLM is same all over the world but the product and profit distribution system are different. These systems are scientifically invented by past networkers. One of the most popular MLM system is the Uni-level system. In this way a distributor can directly sponsor as much distributors as he can and earn more profit. Other popular systems are the Matrix, Break away, Binary, Binary 50-50 and Australian two-up. Binary 50-50 is marketing by establishing two power wings on your business center. This is grows like 2×2×2×2 and so on.
While in the Unilevel system, you were able to sponsor directly so many sales volumes, Binary 50-50 allows you to sponsor only two sales volumes or distributors. This allows you to manage your business tree very easily. When both sides of the business wings achieve a required sales volumes you will get paid, unless you have to work on your weak wing to keep up earning. On the picture above you can see your business center is marked "1.

You sold some products and made a sales volume on your left wing marked as "A”. You sponsored someone on your right wing and he is marked as "B”. Now you cannot make another direct sponsor. You made another sponsor and it will pass to A’s left wing as "C”. B sponsored someone on his right wing as "E”. And so on the others like D, F, G and H. This is how every sales volume made to your team counts on your calculation table and you are getting paid.

This calculation table is eligible for everyone on this system. You must start your left and right wings to get profit but it is not necessary for all your team mates to do the same. Some key benefits of Binary 50-50 system are,

* Easy to manage the business tree

* Easy to understand the plan

* You can only directly sponsor once on each wing, so you have to put the next sponsor under one of your team mates which makes a good understanding.

* No time limit for your sales, which means you work when you want

* This plan gives the maximum percentage of profit to the distributors. Many company give away 80% of the profit to the distributors.

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