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7 secrets of Tvi Express (alamin's group)                                                                          

Travel Ventures International, better known as TVI Express is a
premium multinational organization, headquartered in London. A dynamic
company with an aim to promote superior travel and hospitality
products and services to lifestyle-conscious consumers, TVI Express
provides many unique opportunities to promote the business through
Independent Distributorships.

TVI Express is 

essentially an e-commerce-centric organization that covers many
aspects of business, utilizing the Internet for most of its
transactions. This is how the products and services are shipped across
to customers anywhere in the world. There are no boundaries when it
comes to TVI Express.

Being active in more than 150
countries, TVI Express has broken many MLM company records since its
inception, including a whopping sales figure of $3 million in just the
first month of business! Being a unique e-commerce opportunity, you
can now build a new global business right in the comfort of your own
home! TVI has always been very supportive, especially of leaders who
take the initiative to promote the business through online as well as
offline methods. So, come be the next to succeed – financially as well
as emotionally!

But what exactly is TVI Express?

those of you who do not know, TVI Express is a discount travel club.
The king of all travel clubs’! With just a minimalistic membership
fee, you can get a lifetime membership. If you make any travel
reservations through the TVI booking system, you will find the
cheapest accommodations.

They also match the prices with other
travel clubs and will give you a 10% return of that difference as well!
As a member, you’ll get to take a 6 night, 7 day vacation at any 3 to
5 star hotel in the world. This would include the domestic return
flights as well! Talk about being a solid investment!

you have to do is sponsor 2 people to join the TVI Express
opportunity and you will be qualified to progress into the
Compensation plan. Secondly, the 2 people that you sponsored are your
downlines and they will have to be encouraged and taught to sponsor
more people, just like you did.

The best part about being a
member of TVI Express is that you will get direct access to the back
office, wherein you can get admission to the number of bookings and
search engines to start scheduling a holiday. You’ll also get your own
marketing package and your very own website so that you can advertise
the TVI Express opportunity.

Since TVI Express is an
e-commerce business opportunity, there are really no products to
sell. But under no circumstances does it make it more difficult to
market your business! There are many ways to market TVI Express,
including offline as well as online techniques. Being such a brilliant
business opportunity, the strong point of TVI Express is the
compensation plan.

You can earn a steady flow of income very
quickly. But if you don’t have the marketing skills, then you are not
going to be able to build a successful business.

Here are our top 7 secrets of marketing TVI Express:

1.   Use a good Marketing System:

a good TVI Express marketing system with all the necessary trainings
and tools to help you boost your business is a good plan. With a good
marketing system, you will get the following: a couple of lead capture
pages, a setup and host your website, training on how to effectively
implement search engine marketing, trainings for SEO to get high
rankings, participate in interactive webinars that will educate you on
how to get free traffic to your site, videos that will show you the
various steps to build a successful business.

Another plus point
to this marketing system is the sales funnel. A sales funnel will help
you gain earnings while simply going through your learning curve. In
this way, you won’t get broke while building your business. Once you
start getting better at creating leads, you will actually generate a
full-time income.

2.   Brand yourself:

marketing is not about chasing people and begging them to buy your
products and services. It is all about branding yourself and portraying
yourself as an industry leader; someone who is capable of giving value
and providing solutions. If you want prospects to call you all the
time, then start by selling yourself – not your products and services.

don’t sign up with companies, they sign up with leaders – people who
will give them what they want. You should be that leader. Also, make
sure your website is customized and personalized and shouldn’t be a
replica of all the other websites out there. Do what you have to, to
stand out from the crowd.

3.   Go Online:

of the Internet, network marketing has undergone a dramatic change.
If you want to take your business to the next level, Internet
marketing is the right way to go. This way, you can market your
business to just about anyone; anywhere in the world – without having
to meet him/her personally. So, create relevant content and put it
online so that people will find you. There are many lead generation
tools as well.

4.   Conduct Seminars and Workshops:

of the most powerful offline marketing techniques, conducting
seminars and workshops always brings about success. Put up ads and
spread the word that you will be conducting a seminar or a workshop.
This way, you will have direct access to a large number of prospects.

the Internet has proven to be very effective for network marketing,
it is still not as valuable as face-to-face marketing. People always
trust people who they come in contact with more. So make use of your
leadership qualities and make sure your prospects trust you during the

5.   Post Direct Response Ads in Print Publications:

is a very effective way of getting new leads for your TVI Express
business. You need to figure out how to write an effective full page
ad, ad snippet and short teaser ads and then you can start submitting
these to magazines and newspapers. There are many travel magazines and
journals where you can post your ads.

6.   Use conference calls:

calls and a fax on demand system is a good way to connect to people
without really meeting them. With a fax on demand system, you will be
able to send prospects more information about your business. What’s
more, you can also send testimonials and sales letters on a regular

Conference calls on the other hand, will help build trust
with your prospects. Mass conference calls can be used to sponsor more
people and to train new downline members.

7.   Word-of-Mouth:

traditional methods of chasing your family and friends and cold
calling prospects just to get a good lead are by the far the most
effective ways albeit time consuming. However, since TVI promotes
luxury travelling and taking vacations whenever you feel like, it
wouldn’t be difficult to convince people just how fun it would be to
join TVI, while at the same time build their business.

Ask your
friends and family to pass the word, go around your neighbourhood
distributing brochures about the business, go to parties and events and
spread the word and call people every now and then. Drop off
brochures at your local travel company and you’ll see remarkable

Arm yourself with these handy tips and watch your TVI Express MLM business soar!

                         Md. Alamin Mahamud                        

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